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Additional Features


The system supports Left to Right and Right to Left languages, in terms of data entry, retrieval and display.

Document Management

The system is able to manage a massive load of documents, store, index, and analyze data that can be accessed by stakeholders whenever necessary.

Digital Signature

Get documents signed quickly with E-signature.

Secure System

FORMFLOW provides Secure Access Rights and Integration with LDAP (Active Directory), preventing unauthorized access to a process or information. Also, it provides rigid control over sensitive documents to keep the data safe and protected.


Pop-up and email notifications are configured and generated on different events, such as task initiation and completion, imminent or unmet deadlines.

System Integration

Its powerful integration capabilities allow seamless interaction and data sharing with other systems.

Powerful Search Engine

Allows users to build and customize their own search criteria based on their business needs. It retrieves forms' data based on a combination of different logical and comparison statements.

Task Management

FORMFLOW manages all employees' tasks and exercises task-level control over the different processes. Tasks are created and assigned automatically to the appropriate users as defined by the organization's processes.

Accurate Reporting

The system includes a powerful dashboard and statistical reports.

Form Builder

The system offers a robust form builder to capture, edit, and store structural data. The simple and customizable form options can be created and modified based on the organization's needs.