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Digitize your business processes


Our intelligent BPM system


FORMFLOW is a Business Process Management (BPM) System that automates and handles the business processes and arranges the workflows in your company.

Gain a powerful system that can be fully integrated with other systems, automates business processes, centralizes work processes and integrates functions through Forms and procedures.

Managers at your organization can make quicker and smarter decisions and employees will be empowered to collaborate in a more productive and agile way.

Drive end-to-end digital process automation, enabling continuous improvement and innovation!

Main Features

Easy transaction and workflow builder

Based on your business needs, you can build forms, visually and graphically, in a simple, intuitive, and fast way without having any coding knowledge.

Centralize work process and integrate functions

The system offers an administration panel that aligns with your organization's strategy and business needs. It digitizes the different organization's elements including: job design, departmentation, delegation, span of management and chain of command.

Additional Features

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Document Management

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Digital Signature

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Secure System

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System Integration

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Powerful Search Engine

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Tasks Management

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Accurate Reporting

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Form Builder

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No-Code Automation

Create and optimize all your business processes without any line of code and with drag and drop. Enable your team to automate workflows much more quickly.

Paper-less Environment

As FORMFLOW will digitize all the documents and forms in the company, it is time to go paperless and save space, money and time.

Cost Effective

"Time is money." Save working hours with the efficiency you'll gain from streamlining business processes, ending up with a lower output-to-expenses ratio.

Compliance & Transparency

FORMFLOW ensures that your company can implement regulatory requirements quickly, thereby preventing delays in compliance and any associated fines. The processes will become transparent and visible to employees.


FORMFLOW gives your company the ability to react to any kind of change, whether from advancements in technology, market demands, or a new regulation affecting an aspect of the organization's business activity.


FORMFLOW is a responsive web application that allows users accessing it from any place and any device. It gives you the ability of workers to work outside an office, but the mobility of corporate data through technology networks.


With FORMFLOW, each task is executed the way it was planned and designed. Identical problems are addressed the same way and there is no need to reinvent the wheel, even if roles do change.

Error and risk reduction

Because FORMFLOW gives your company the opportunity to work more efficiently, you are able to save resources. Also, the creation of better-designed, executed and monitored processes, can help reduce the risk of fraud.

Highly productive and time saving

Process improvements like removal of bottlenecks, introduction of parallel processing, and elimination of redundant steps can easily be achieved and result in increased productivity and reduced time loss.

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